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Ted Kirsch: They won't crush the American Dream or enrich themselves with our $$

AFTPA President Ted Kirsch released this statement following the US Supreme Court's Janus v. AFSCME decision. 

“The Supreme Court's decision makes it clear that unions are not only relevant but indispensable in protecting working people.

“Unions and their members, not the billionaires who bankrolled the Janus case, are committed to improving the lives of working families. Unions, not CEOs and the mega-rich, have fought consistently for adequate funding and equal opportunities for students in our public schools, colleges and universities. Unions, not hedge funds managers and Wall Street bankers, have advocated for decent pay, high-quality healthcare, safe schools and workplaces and fair treatment – not just for our members – but for all workers.

“Virtually every benefit working men and women enjoy today was won by union members who put their families' security and sometimes their lives on the line to build a strong middle class:

  • The 8-hour workday and overtime pay
  • A 40-hour work week and weekends
  • An end to child labor and sweatshops
  • Expansion of healthcare, unemployment insurance, pensions and paid sick, vacation, bereavement and holiday leaves
  • OSHA and other laws protecting workers’ safety and
  • Safety net programs like SNAP, Family and Medical Leave Act, Social Security and Medicare.

“The benefits and quality of life that most Americans enjoy today were won through the sacrifice and solidarity of union members.

“Our members won’t stand by and watch the American Dream crushed and our rights rolled back. AFT Pennsylvania members will not allow the wealthy and powerful put more money in their pockets by taking it out of ours.

“AFT Pennsylvania members have one message today, and it is this: We're sticking with our union. The Koch brothers, the DeVos and Arnold families and other corporate big shots and wealthy individuals should know that the Janus decision only strengthens our resolve to fight for working people in our workplaces, our communities and at the ballot box in November.”

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