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To help faculty understand their rights and guide them with practical advice about how to continue to exercise their academic freedom, the AFT has joined with the American Association of University Professors to create a guide (link is external) for locals to use to educate their members. Informed by faculty experience, it is designed to prepare academics for the possibility of increased attacks on campus. See


The PA AFL-CIO is training rank-and-file union members across the state to be spokespeople on key issues this June. Learn about labor's messages, and help get the word out.


Adjunct Faculty Resources

The Adjunct Project - Two-thirds of the faculty standing in front of college classrooms each day aren’t full-time or permanent professors. But, getting information about the salaries of this army of adjuncts and the campus working conditions for them has proven nearly impossible. This site, which is intended to pull together that information and make it publicly available, represents the evolution of a simple spreadsheet created in 2012 by Joshua Boldt, a composition instructor in Athens, Ga

AFT's FACE Campaign - AFT's Faculty and College Excellence (FACE) initiative is a national campaign to reverse the crisis in instructional staffing at our nation's colleges and universities. Through organizing, legislative advocacy and collective bargaining, FACE is designed to achieve two goals simultaneously:

  • Achieving full equity in compensation for contingent faculty members; and
  • Ensuring that 75 percent of undergraduate classes are taught by full-time tenure and tenure track faculty and that qualified contingent faculty have the opportunity to move into such positions as they become available.

The campaign goals are designed to be phased in over time to ensure that there is no job loss for contingent faculty currently working at a college or university. For more information about the FACE campaign, read our Call to Action.

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor - "a network of North American activists working to improve higher education through the collective achievement of job reliability, livable wages, academic freedom, and time and resources for academic research and professional development for contingent academic laborers. COCAL is not affiliated with any single labor union and promotes grassroots contingent faculty organizing through events like Campus Equity Week. To achieve its aims, COCAL dedicates itself to alerting the broader community about the trends that undermine the tenets of higher education by staging media events, improving legislation concerning higher education and so-called accountability efforts, and identifying colleagues at institutions and assisting them in forming collective bargaining units and negotiating strong contracts."

Pennsylvania Breast Cancer Coalition

The PA Breast Cancer Coalition was founded in 1993 by Pat Halpin-Murphy, AFTPA government relations director. PABCC represents, supports and serves breast cancer survivors and their families in Pennsylvania through educational programming, legislative advocacy and breast cancer research grants. The PBCC is a statewide non-profit organization that creates the hope of a brighter tomorrow by providing action and information to women with breast cancer today.