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Governor's 'advance' to Philly schools too little too late

AFT Pennsylvania President Ted Kirsch called Governor Corbett decision to advance $265 million in already appropriated funding to Philadelphia schools "too little too late." Read his statement following the governor's Center City press conference, as well as comments by Philadelphia Federation of Teachers' President Jerry Jordan.


We're Constantly in Fear: The life of a part-time professor: Academia's dirty little secret.

Adjuncts Living in Fear:

The cover story of the Dec. 18 issue of the San Diego Reader unveils “academe’s dirty little secret” about the academic staffing crisis. The exploitation of contingent faculty is no secret to AFT members, of course, but the article about the self-censoring pragmatism of highly educated professionals working with no job guarantees from semester to semester is a disturbing read.


Weingarten takes on critics of due process

AFT President Randi Weingarten appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" television show to make the case for teachers' due process rights, to correct widely held misconceptions about the teaching workforce, and to clarify that problems tied to evaluation are often mislabeled as due process issues.