Prof. Jim Freeman has article in Theory and Practice in Language Studies

Creative Writing Pedagogy in the Two Year College: Lessons Learned and Literature Reviewed, Findings by a 35-year Teacher Abstract: A literature and best practice review and retrospective from 35 years of  applied community college teaching pedagogy looks at the heuristics of  the whole creative writing student as an eager learner and suggests the most efficient practices; prerequisites and classroom universal policies necessary to growth in creative writing ability.  Positive growth in creative writi

For Faculty Free Speech, the Tide Is Turning

Thomas Sullivan and Lawrence White write about recent developments in academic freedom on college campuses and whether "whether faculty members at public colleges and universities enjoy protection against institutional retaliation for speaking out on matters of internal governance or public concern."  Read it here.

A Machiavellian Guide to Destroying Public Universities in 12 Easy Steps

Steven Ward, sociology professor at Western Connecticut State University, sees parallels between today's war on public education and Niccolo's advice in The PrinceRead it here.